Community Interview – Yoast


Join Taco as he shares how Yoast is giving back to the community. Hi! I’m Taco and I’m community manager here at Yoast. Of course, I’m much more than just a job title. Let’s do the short version first. After being in Customer Support for the better part of 7 years at Yoast, I transitioned … Read more

Community Interview – Topher DeRosia

Join Topher as he shares his experience of giving back to the community. Topher DeRosia is Senior WordPress Architect at Camber Creative. He brings more than 25 years of experience as a web developer, over a decade of which has been spent building out WordPress sites. In addition, Topher curates Fun fact: Topher is responsible … Read more

Community Interview – Weglot


Join Thomas as he shares how Weglot is giving back to the community. Thomas is a Partnership Manager at Weglot. Establishing new connections and organizing events every day. Breathing, talking and dreaming about Weglot and a multilingual world. Weglot is a WordPress multilingual plugin to translate and display your website in multiple languages. It provides … Read more

Community Interview – Dan Maby

Join Dan as he shares her experience of giving back to the community. Dan is the Founder of Big Orange Heart, where he helps deliver a vision of better well-being and mental health support within the remote working communities.

Community Interview – Michele Butcher-Jones

Join Michele as she shares her experience of giving back to the community. Michele is the Lead WordPress Technical Specialist at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency and runs her own WordPress shop at 13Core. She is also the Head Geek over at Can’t Speak Geek. When not working her jobs, Michele is an organizer for WordCamp … Read more

Measuring Success: How to Set Your KPIs

Elise Alley

Some goals are straightforward and success is easy to measure. Sometimes, though, your goals are more abstract. So how do you measure success of those goals? In this talk, you’ll learn how to set meaningful KPIs, or key performance indicators.

Benefits Of Being A Part Of A Community

A lot of people in today’s world post-pandemic are full-time working from home. As a freelancer, WHF does become lonely and difficult to connect with the world. Hence this topic will cover the different communities around which you can engage and reasons why you should be activate and engage with others.

Why you need Website Performance as a Mindset

We all love to see sites that are fast, user-friendly, accessible, secure and reliable. But how do you get there? In this talk, we’ll share how we use the various aspects of “performance” to guide decisions from product ideation through actual software, and how we measure and tool for success. This is a mindset, not … Read more

Sticks and Stones will Break Bones, but Words Really Do Matter

You may not realize it but your words matter. They can make or break a sale, keep or lose relationships, can can have lasting affects on your future. They also matter every time you write an email, send out a text, or put them online. Stop using qualifiers and fillers, start being inclusive and setting … Read more