Community Interview – Cloudways


Join Jason as he shares how Cloudways is giving back to the community. A 20 year veteran of the web industry, from e-commerce to web development, content management, open-source, events, and web hosting. As an Open Source Executive and a past Board Member of Open Source Matters, Jason has shared his love of Open Source … Read more

Community Interview – Chris Wiegman

Chris Wiegman

Join Chris as he shares his experience of giving back to the community. Chris is a Senior Software Engineer at WP Engine and has been working with WordPress since for over a decade. During that time he built one of the largest WordPress security plugins as well as various plugins and themes for clients of … Read more

Community Interview – Nexcess


Join Carrie as he shares how Nexcess is giving back to the community. Carrie serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Liquid Web’s Hosting & Applications business. In this role, Carrie is responsible for defining and driving the growth for Liquid Web’s strategic product lines including Traditional and Sophisticated Hosting, Cloud Services, … Read more

Community Interview – Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman

Join Amanda as she shares her experience of giving back to the community. Amanda is the Director of Customer Success at GiveWP, where she is a fundraising expert, and works with nonprofits all over the world. She is a yoga instructor, mom to Ronan, aunt to Jackson, wife to Casey, and pet parent to Topanga, … Read more

WooCommerce Automation – tips and tricks to save your time and money

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin which turns a WordPress website into a highly customizable and user-friendly online store. However, most owners of small WooCommerce stores don’t utilize its full potential and waste so much time on updates, content-entry, calculations, and other everyday tasks without realizing that they can automate them and with proper tools, … Read more

Designing Remote

How do you design something when everyone is remote, and what particular challenges does it raise? Where does design fit into the product cycle when remote and collaborate? How can even a designer or team grow and flourish when remote? From ideation, feedback sessions to iterations and collaboration during building – let’s look at how … Read more

How Can We Make Digital Technology More Sustainable?

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce about the same carbon emissions as the aviation industry’s fuel consumption? And if the internet was a country it would be the seventh biggest polluter in the world. It’s shocking, isn’t it!? The cloud isn’t as fluffy and harmless as we’re led to believe… Digital … Read more

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Social Media Content Repurposing

Are you ready to create a content system that works for you again and again? In this live session, attendees will learn: ✅ How to create a content system that works for you ✅ How to decide what content to repurpose ✅ What the rules are for repurposing content on social media (and how to … Read more