Community Interview – GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro

Join Adam as he shares how GoDaddy Pro is giving back to the community. As the Director of Field Marketing for GoDaddy Pro, Adam works fearlessly for the Pro brand with passion and enthusiasm for the Web Designer and Developer community as an advocate for freelance web professionals across the globe. Adam is also passionate … Read more

Community Interview – Kathy Zant

Kathy Zant

Join Kathy as she shares her experience of giving back to the community. Kathy is a Product Marketing Manager for Kadence at StellarWP and has been working with WordPress for over a decade. She has both technical and marketing experience and has worked with a number of brands in the WordPress space. She has helped … Read more

My Decade in Pajamas

Just over ten years ago, I took the plunge into working from home. Two years ago, the majority of knowledge workers around the world had the opportunity to try the remote work lifestyle out for themselves. For those of you who have decided that you’re never going back to the office, I’d like to share … Read more

Work/Life Balance While Open Sourcing

Many of us have open source projects out there for WordPress. I’d love to discuss what issues we’ve come across while doing this at various scales including but not narrowly limited to — working on open source project outside of your normal full time work.

Hustle and Health: Creating a culture of wellness when working from home

Whether forced into a change due to the recent pandemic, or selected as a choice in pursuit of more freedom or balance, many creative and technology professionals have found themselves working from home. Though the perks of a short commute, casual attire, and pets-as-officemates can’t be beat, blending work life with home life can often … Read more

MoveON: Dealing with Anxiety and Anger

Passion for the work you do can drive a ‘good stress’ reaction; however, the roadblocks, lack of outcome-control and other negative factors cause anger &/or anxiety which works against the positive gains. Understanding the neurochemistry of stress gives the person new insight into their own behaviour. Techniques to combat the effects of prolonged stress are … Read more