Remote Leadership; How To Lead Humans In A Way That Makes It OK To Feel Human

The remote landscape allows leaders to really strip back to the fundamentals of guiding teams forward. And what has become apparent, is the traditional “cogs-of-a-machine”, “well-oiled”, and “everything-automated” focus on leadership is dying out. THANK GOD! Leading in the remote world means having a greater awareness of and skills to manage the diverse, messiness, and … Read more

How To Use Admin Day to Manage Your Freelancer Stress

Freelancing is stressful enough. Being forced to do it from home can make matters worse. You might feel scattered, overwhelmed, and just plain stressed. Dedicating a single day of the month to managing that stress in an organized fashion can help you not only keep your head above water, but get you swimming! In this … Read more

Getting Started With Podcasting For Developers

In this particular talk, Sumant will take you especially developers through the journey of starting podcasting all from SCRATCH. He will begin from podcasting basics, types of podcast, when is the right time to start to execute it rightly. He will also highlight essential points to overcome the fear of expressing yourself among the audience … Read more