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WooCommerce Automation – tips and tricks to save your time and money

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin which turns a WordPress website into a highly customizable and user-friendly online store. However, most owners of small WooCommerce stores don’t utilize its full potential and waste so much time on updates, content-entry, calculations, and other everyday tasks without realizing that they can automate them and with proper tools, … Read more

Measuring Success: How to Set Your KPIs

Elise Alley

Some goals are straightforward and success is easy to measure. Sometimes, though, your goals are more abstract. So how do you measure success of those goals? In this talk, you’ll learn how to set meaningful KPIs, or key performance indicators.

How To Make Remote Work

Tips, tricks, and helpful resources about how to make remote work work. From playing online Tetris with teammates, cooking Zoom sessions, and trivia quizzes. It’s a lot of fun, even remote. Make it work!

Zero Waste Web Design

There is a growing movement of people embracing a “zero waste” lifestyle, seeking to minimize trash in every aspect of their lives. While it might sound like a life full of sacrifice in the name of saving the planet, proponents say it actually saves them time and money and enriches their lives. In this talk, … Read more

Staying In Your Spotlight

As uncertainty from recent happenings across the globe affects the way people work and their attitude towards the things they do, it is important to find hope in purpose, stick with it and stay in ones spotlight.

Content Optimization & The Future of AI in Content and SEO

Address and have an open discussion about what content optimization is, the various tools that are out there, how we approach it for the 7/8-figure+ companies we work with – as well as touch on the future that AI/machine learning will play for content and SEO…

Tom Greenwood

Tom Greenwood is the co-founder of Wholegrain Digital, a ‘green’ trailblazer in the digital agency world. Tom is known for writing and speaking about how business, design, and web technology can be part of the solution to environmental issues and is author of the book, Sustainable Web Design.

Samuel Femi Taiwo

My name is Samuel Olorunfemi Taiwo, everyone calls me Femi. I am from Nigeria living in South Africa.I’m a WordPress developer and Tech Support Engineer. My passion is WordPress and contributing actively in the community. I’ve been in the WordPress community for about 7 years.