Why you need Website Performance as a Mindset

We all love to see sites that are fast, user-friendly, accessible, secure and reliable. But how do you get there? In this talk, we’ll share how we use the various aspects of “performance” to guide decisions from product ideation through actual software, and how we measure and tool for success. This is a mindset, not … Read more

Benefits Of Being A Part Of A Community

A lot of people in today’s world post-pandemic are full-time working from home. As a freelancer, WHF does become lonely and difficult to connect with the world. Hence this topic will cover the different communities around which you can engage and reasons why you should be activate and engage with others.

WordPress For School Children – Onboarding To Contribution

An introduction to WordPress for school children and its application in their school life. It is a success story of a school teacher trying to teach WordPress and it’s use for his students. The students who learnt WordPress were able to contribute to WordPress by translating hundreds of strings in WordPress to Kannada.

5 Quick Design Tips To Level Up Your Web Designs

This talk is aimed at making people better at design. This presentation will teach people some of the most essential but basic design principles to follow. It will also cover a few quick tips to make them almost instantly better at designing amazing looking websites.

Getting Started With Podcasting For Developers

In this particular talk, Sumant will take you especially developers through the journey of starting podcasting all from SCRATCH. He will begin from podcasting basics, types of podcast, when is the right time to start to execute it rightly. He will also highlight essential points to overcome the fear of expressing yourself among the audience … Read more

Decoupled E-Commerce For Waldo’s Friends With React And GraphQL

In this talk, you will learn about Waldo’s Friends, a not-for-profit organization from Australia focused on animal welfare, who recently revamped their website using WordPress, WooCommerce, Next.js, and GraphQL. I will share the story of how we, at rtCamp, helped them throughout this journey. We used Gutenberg as the sole editor while maintaining functionality on … Read more

Suresha N

Freelance WebDesigner, WordPress Translation Contributor, GTE for Kannada, WP Meetup Organiser, Speaker at WCIndia, WP Translation day, Contributor at WP Do-action, Educator.

Sumant Lohar

Sumant is a dedicated tech-blogger based in Ahmedabad. He also specializes in crafting content/social media strategies for various brands as well as startups. His core strength lies in Instagram marketing, video editing, and apart from that podcasting is his new skill set. WordPress is a true inspiration for him that encouraged him to help businesses … Read more

Néstor Angulo de Ugarte

I’m a Technology enthusiast, Computer Science Engineer and WebSecurity geek. I also love to travel, although I’m based in Spain, you can find me learning from other cultures and meeting people where an Internet connection is available always with my mug of coffee. I’ve been working in Sucuri and GoDaddy WebSecurity since 2015 and is … Read more