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“Always On” Culture is a Killer: A Remote Survival Guide

The WordPress community has been an early adopter of remote and distributed work. Many of the companies within the ecosystem are embracing some degree of remote operation, and now more than ever in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While business outputs may remain high, what is the impact for the individual worker when work goes remote? Through the course of the pandemic, a Monster survey revealed that nearly 70% of remote workers reported feeling burned out. With kitchen tables now doubling as desktops, and the workplace being only a DM away, the lines between work and life have blurred more than ever. What can employers do to combat the “Always On” culture leading to employee burnout and turnover? What can individuals do to create the much needed boundaries between home and the workplace? How do these efforts contribute to a more inclusive working environment? Let’s explore together some of the best practices and hacks that make remote work a dream come true, rather than a recurring nightmare.