Taco Verdonschot

Hi! I’m Taco and I’m community manager here at Yoast. Of course, I’m much more than just a job title. Let’s do the short version first. After being in Customer Support for the better part of 7 years at Yoast, I transitioned into my current position as Community manager early 2020. This allows me to spend even more time with the community that became my 3rd family; the WordPress community. Third? Well yeah. I have a wife and two amazing daughters, and consider my friends and colleagues at Yoast to be my second family. I love meeting and connecting people. Being at social events gives me more energy than one can imagine. I do have strong opinions and I’m prototype Dutch, so I can be quite direct and rather blunt, even when I try really hard not to be. If we haven’t met yet, I’d love to meet you. And in the meantime, please do reach out on Twitter or the WordPress Slack.