Zero Waste Web Design

There is a growing movement of people embracing a “zero waste” lifestyle, seeking to minimize trash in every aspect of their lives. While it might sound like a life full of sacrifice in the name of saving the planet, proponents say it actually saves them time and money and enriches their lives. In this talk, … Read more

Find the Funny

Suggesting ways that people can channel negativity in their lives by navigating to the bright side and finding the funny. Bring a notebook and a pen!

How To Make Remote Work

Tips, tricks, and helpful resources about how to make remote work work. From playing online Tetris with teammates, cooking Zoom sessions, and trivia quizzes. It’s a lot of fun, even remote. Make it work!

How To Turn Stream Of Consciousness To Stream Of Creativity

Stream of consciousness is a narrative method that attempts to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind of a narrator. In this discussion we will examine the idea of extrapolating this technique to initiate and amplify creativity in other areas of creative activities where getting creative juices flowing is always a … Read more

Content Optimization & The Future of AI in Content and SEO

Address and have an open discussion about what content optimization is, the various tools that are out there, how we approach it for the 7/8-figure+ companies we work with – as well as touch on the future that AI/machine learning will play for content and SEO…

How to use composer *properly* with WordPress

Aiming at those that want to get started with CI/CD deployments and proper development practices, Andrew will show from start to finish how to deploy websites using composer successfully. This will include setting up a package manager to allow for free deployment of private repos from github, patching of other peoples code while deploying, understanding … Read more

Spicing Up Online Presentations With Open Source Tools

Todd will demonstrate how you can use OBS to spice up your online presentations and web calls. We’ll go on a journey from a basic screen-share presentation, to one that includes rich content to not only make your deck more appealing, but also more involved, accessible, and branded.