Never Say Never, Again

How do you start over after ‘the end?’ During a once in a lifetime pandemic, we all have faced incredible times that have rocked us to our core. Join Make WordPress Accessibility Team Rep Joe Simpson as he shares a story of rebirth and hope. In 2017, five years of worsening fatigue and no answers … Read more

The Cost of Contribution

Joining such a welcoming and inspiring community as is the WordPress project can be exhilarating and makes people want to contribute their part to join the movement and strengthen their feeling of belonging. The initial enthusiasm can easily lead to contributors slowly spiraling into overcommitment and a feeling of obligation and responsibility towards the project. … Read more

Colouring for Relaxation (Yes you can!)

Colouring can be a great form of relaxation, and even meditation. I’ve heard lots of people say they wish they could colour but they are no good at it. I believe everyone can colour for relaxation if they want to. This talk will cover how to get started (materials and designs), tips for choosing what … Read more

“Always On” Culture is a Killer: A Remote Survival Guide

The WordPress community has been an early adopter of remote and distributed work. Many of the companies within the ecosystem are embracing some degree of remote operation, and now more than ever in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While business outputs may remain high, what is the impact for the individual worker when work goes … Read more

Mocking Up Accessible Designs

In between learning about accessibility and creating an accessible site with the help of tools like automatic scanners and assistive technology, there is the often-overlooked “design phase” wherein accessibility truly begins. I’d like to discuss methods, tips, and tricks for keeping accessibility in mind when you’re designing a website from the ground up and don’t … Read more