How to use composer *properly* with WordPress

Aiming at those that want to get started with CI/CD deployments and proper development practices, Andrew will show from start to finish how to deploy websites using composer successfully. This will include setting up a package manager to allow for free deployment of private repos from github, patching of other peoples code while deploying, understanding … Read more

Yvette Sonneveld

Yvette Sonneveld has been highly active in the WordPress community over the past five years. When she moved back to The Netherlands after having lived abroad for almost 15 years, she barely knew anyone in the field of online marketing in The Netherlands and Europe. Contributing to the WordPress community helped her in countless ways. … Read more

Tammie Lister

Tammie is a designer passionate about open source and human-centred experiences. She is a long-time contributor to WordPress, and her contribution work continues by being sponsored through XWP, where she works full time as a designer. Her experience working remotely in design is vast, from leading design to creating products and collaborating with a range … Read more

Maziar Firuzmand

Reflective of my multifaceted educational background which includes a Diploma in Graphic Design, a Bachelors in Performing Arts, Masters in Theatre Direction, and a PhD in Communication & Media Studies, I play a hybrid role in Artbees, creating a natural synergy between Artbees’ marketing, product design and overall strategy. Artbees is a theme development company … Read more

Emily Hunkler

Emily is the Chief Operating Officer for GoWP, a company that provides exceptional outsourced WordPress services to help agencies grow. She lives in Athens, Ohio with her husband, Marc, and their two young daughters, Ivette and Lydia. In her spare time, she keeps active in nature with trail running, biking, and hiking with the family.

Lu Williams

Lu Williams is a stand-up comedienne who challenged stage fright following a suicide attempt. Candid references to that experience is in her set that she has performed up and down the country at grassroots level. Lu believes sharing this experience with others has been therapeutic and feels if she can make just one person in … Read more

Andrew Killen

Andrew is a seasoned web specialist, having started in 1994 as intel’s internet engineer for Europe. Having worked in many startups, multinationals and ngo’s, he has a great breadth of skills under his belt. Grok Codes is the website where he shares the skills that he has picked up, programming, networking, devops and softskills that … Read more

Hannah Smith

Hannah is a freelance WordPress developer from the South West of the UK with a background in Computer Science. Before freelance life, amongst other things, she honed her management skills at the Environment Agency, where she managed large business change projects. She’s now co-founder of Green Tech South West, founder of the #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign run … Read more