Dealing With The Emotional Impact Of Customer-Facing Roles

According to recent studies, receiving an increased number of irate or abusive customers has a psychological and emotional impact on customer care professionals. Employees may suffer mentally as a result of customer outbursts, which can lead to depression and an increased risk of health issues. In this talk, we’ll go over some coping mechanisms to … Read more

Chair Yoga for Remote Workers

Amanda Gorman

In this 30 minute session we’ll explore some new ways to bring movement into your daily work life, all right from your chair. Remote work tends to keep us in a pattern of few positions during the day (sitting, standing, rounding forward). It’s crucial to add diversity and challenge to our movement patterns to keep … Read more

5 Quick Design Tips To Level Up Your Web Designs

This talk is aimed at making people better at design. This presentation will teach people some of the most essential but basic design principles to follow. It will also cover a few quick tips to make them almost instantly better at designing amazing looking websites.

Wait, wuuut? Where did my CMS go?

Static, headless, decoupled, Jamstack, serverless (geez, are there any more names for this stuff?!) sites have already made their way into the mainstream of WordPress and other CMS development. While these sites offer speed, scalability, and security, there are also inherent pitfalls and “gotchas” to be aware of when building in this ways for WordPress … Read more

WordPress For School Children – Onboarding To Contribution

An introduction to WordPress for school children and its application in their school life. It is a success story of a school teacher trying to teach WordPress and it’s use for his students. The students who learnt WordPress were able to contribute to WordPress by translating hundreds of strings in WordPress to Kannada.

Staying In Your Spotlight

As uncertainty from recent happenings across the globe affects the way people work and their attitude towards the things they do, it is important to find hope in purpose, stick with it and stay in ones spotlight.

Git into the Groove – Moving from Freelance to Collaborative Workflow

Going from freelance to working in an agency can be overwhelming, but don’t let the fear of a collaborative workflow scare you. What is Git?? Better question, what is version control? And what the heck is a local environment? We’ll cover the basics of – Local environments, multidevs, and branches – Version control – Overview … Read more

Decoupled E-Commerce For Waldo’s Friends With React And GraphQL

In this talk, you will learn about Waldo’s Friends, a not-for-profit organization from Australia focused on animal welfare, who recently revamped their website using WordPress, WooCommerce, Next.js, and GraphQL. I will share the story of how we, at rtCamp, helped them throughout this journey. We used Gutenberg as the sole editor while maintaining functionality on … Read more