Find the Funny

Suggesting ways that people can channel negativity in their lives by navigating to the bright side and finding the funny. Bring a notebook and a pen!

How To Make Remote Work

Tips, tricks, and helpful resources about how to make remote work work. From playing online Tetris with teammates, cooking Zoom sessions, and trivia quizzes. It’s a lot of fun, even remote. Make it work!

Colouring for Relaxation (Yes you can!)

Colouring can be a great form of relaxation, and even meditation. I’ve heard lots of people say they wish they could colour but they are no good at it. I believe everyone can colour for relaxation if they want to. This talk will cover how to get started (materials and designs), tips for choosing what … Read more

Staying In Your Spotlight

As uncertainty from recent happenings across the globe affects the way people work and their attitude towards the things they do, it is important to find hope in purpose, stick with it and stay in ones spotlight.

How To Turn Stream Of Consciousness To Stream Of Creativity

Stream of consciousness is a narrative method that attempts to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind of a narrator. In this discussion we will examine the idea of extrapolating this technique to initiate and amplify creativity in other areas of creative activities where getting creative juices flowing is always a … Read more

“Always On” Culture is a Killer: A Remote Survival Guide

The WordPress community has been an early adopter of remote and distributed work. Many of the companies within the ecosystem are embracing some degree of remote operation, and now more than ever in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While business outputs may remain high, what is the impact for the individual worker when work goes … Read more

Decoupled E-Commerce For Waldo’s Friends With React And GraphQL

In this talk, you will learn about Waldo’s Friends, a not-for-profit organization from Australia focused on animal welfare, who recently revamped their website using WordPress, WooCommerce, Next.js, and GraphQL. I will share the story of how we, at rtCamp, helped them throughout this journey. We used Gutenberg as the sole editor while maintaining functionality on … Read more

Content Optimization & The Future of AI in Content and SEO

Address and have an open discussion about what content optimization is, the various tools that are out there, how we approach it for the 7/8-figure+ companies we work with – as well as touch on the future that AI/machine learning will play for content and SEO…