How to use composer *properly* with WordPress

Aiming at those that want to get started with CI/CD deployments and proper development practices, Andrew will show from start to finish how to deploy websites using composer successfully. This will include setting up a package manager to allow for free deployment of private repos from github, patching of other peoples code while deploying, understanding … Read more

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Social Media Content Repurposing

Are you ready to create a content system that works for you again and again? In this live session, attendees will learn: ✅ How to create a content system that works for you ✅ How to decide what content to repurpose ✅ What the rules are for repurposing content on social media (and how to … Read more

Spicing Up Online Presentations With Open Source Tools

Todd will demonstrate how you can use OBS to spice up your online presentations and web calls. We’ll go on a journey from a basic screen-share presentation, to one that includes rich content to not only make your deck more appealing, but also more involved, accessible, and branded.