Remote Leadership; How To Lead Humans In A Way That Makes It OK To Feel Human

The remote landscape allows leaders to really strip back to the fundamentals of guiding teams forward. And what has become apparent, is the traditional “cogs-of-a-machine”, “well-oiled”, and “everything-automated” focus on leadership is dying out. THANK GOD! Leading in the remote world means having a greater awareness of and skills to manage the diverse, messiness, and … Read more

Staying In Your Spotlight

As uncertainty from recent happenings across the globe affects the way people work and their attitude towards the things they do, it is important to find hope in purpose, stick with it and stay in ones spotlight.

How To Turn Stream Of Consciousness To Stream Of Creativity

Stream of consciousness is a narrative method that attempts to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind of a narrator. In this discussion we will examine the idea of extrapolating this technique to initiate and amplify creativity in other areas of creative activities where getting creative juices flowing is always a … Read more

Designing Remote

How do you design something when everyone is remote, and what particular challenges does it raise? Where does design fit into the product cycle when remote and collaborate? How can even a designer or team grow and flourish when remote? From ideation, feedback sessions to iterations and collaboration during building – let’s look at how … Read more

“Always On” Culture is a Killer: A Remote Survival Guide

The WordPress community has been an early adopter of remote and distributed work. Many of the companies within the ecosystem are embracing some degree of remote operation, and now more than ever in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While business outputs may remain high, what is the impact for the individual worker when work goes … Read more

How Can We Make Digital Technology More Sustainable?

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce about the same carbon emissions as the aviation industry’s fuel consumption? And if the internet was a country it would be the seventh biggest polluter in the world. It’s shocking, isn’t it!? The cloud isn’t as fluffy and harmless as we’re led to believe… Digital … Read more

Getting Started With Podcasting For Developers

In this particular talk, Sumant will take you especially developers through the journey of starting podcasting all from SCRATCH. He will begin from podcasting basics, types of podcast, when is the right time to start to execute it rightly. He will also highlight essential points to overcome the fear of expressing yourself among the audience … Read more

Git into the Groove – Moving from Freelance to Collaborative Workflow

Going from freelance to working in an agency can be overwhelming, but don’t let the fear of a collaborative workflow scare you. What is Git?? Better question, what is version control? And what the heck is a local environment? We’ll cover the basics of – Local environments, multidevs, and branches – Version control – Overview … Read more

Mocking Up Accessible Designs

In between learning about accessibility and creating an accessible site with the help of tools like automatic scanners and assistive technology, there is the often-overlooked “design phase” wherein accessibility truly begins. I’d like to discuss methods, tips, and tricks for keeping accessibility in mind when you’re designing a website from the ground up and don’t … Read more