WooCommerce Automation – tips and tricks to save your time and money

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin which turns a WordPress website into a highly customizable and user-friendly online store. However, most owners of small WooCommerce stores don’t utilize its full potential and waste so much time on updates, content-entry, calculations, and other everyday tasks without realizing that they can automate them and with proper tools, … Read more

Chair Yoga for Remote Workers

Amanda Gorman

In this 30 minute session we’ll explore some new ways to bring movement into your daily work life, all right from your chair. Remote work tends to keep us in a pattern of few positions during the day (sitting, standing, rounding forward). It’s crucial to add diversity and challenge to our movement patterns to keep … Read more

My Decade in Pajamas

Just over ten years ago, I took the plunge into working from home. Two years ago, the majority of knowledge workers around the world had the opportunity to try the remote work lifestyle out for themselves. For those of you who have decided that you’re never going back to the office, I’d like to share … Read more

Why you need Website Performance as a Mindset

We all love to see sites that are fast, user-friendly, accessible, secure and reliable. But how do you get there? In this talk, we’ll share how we use the various aspects of “performance” to guide decisions from product ideation through actual software, and how we measure and tool for success. This is a mindset, not … Read more

Measuring Success: How to Set Your KPIs

Elise Alley

Some goals are straightforward and success is easy to measure. Sometimes, though, your goals are more abstract. So how do you measure success of those goals? In this talk, you’ll learn how to set meaningful KPIs, or key performance indicators.

Zero Waste Web Design

There is a growing movement of people embracing a “zero waste” lifestyle, seeking to minimize trash in every aspect of their lives. While it might sound like a life full of sacrifice in the name of saving the planet, proponents say it actually saves them time and money and enriches their lives. In this talk, … Read more

5 Quick Design Tips To Level Up Your Web Designs

This talk is aimed at making people better at design. This presentation will teach people some of the most essential but basic design principles to follow. It will also cover a few quick tips to make them almost instantly better at designing amazing looking websites.

Sticks and Stones will Break Bones, but Words Really Do Matter

You may not realize it but your words matter. They can make or break a sale, keep or lose relationships, can can have lasting affects on your future. They also matter every time you write an email, send out a text, or put them online. Stop using qualifiers and fillers, start being inclusive and setting … Read more